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Welcome to ELMO's Family Tree

Researching the Families of Eckard, Lail, Moody, & Owl

Website Last Updated: Sun., 28 August 2016

Passings 2016: G. Johnson, R. M.Cooper, Mu Sun Jimenez, V. Wease

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ECKARD Family Members

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Note: This chart begins with John Wesley Eckard and works BACK through his lineage to his earliest known ancestor.

Note: This report begins with William David Eckard (1884-1952) and works FORWARD only through his lineage to his 3rd generation of descendants. If more recent information is sought, please contact us through our Genealogy Inquiry Form.


Note: For the wives of John Wesley and William David (1884-1952), Dora Alice Hefner and Delia (some records incorrectly show "Delilah") Jane Biddix Eckard, respectively, please see "Other Extended Families".