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Welcome to ELMO's Family Tree

Researching the Families of Eckard, Lail, Moody, & Owl

Website Last Updated: Sun., 28 August 2016

Passings 2016: G. Johnson, R. M.Cooper, Mu Sun Jimenez, V. Wease

Family Album

This album includes pictures from across all the families, not just the Eckard Family.

We most gratefully acknowledge the contributions of pictures that many of our extended family members provided. Without their generosity these photos would not have otherwise been located and acquired. There are more to be posted and I'll get them up as quickly as I can.

The names of the individuals are randomly listed. The names of the ladies are shown as their last known married name and, when possible, their maiden name will appear after their first/middle names. Unfortunately, there were instances when only one surname was known, frequently that was only the married name.

You may scroll through the photos at your own pace.